Collaborative Divorce

There is a new buzz word out there in the divorce industry and it is collaborative divorce. By definition Collaboration means that you work together so a collaborative divorce would mean that you and your ex come to an agreement together.
You will both hire your own individual collaborative lawyer who guides you through the divorce process with the goal of not going to court but rather settling outside of the court. This is a new kind of divorce that seeks to avoid the acrimony of the past and through this process agree on something unique to your individual situation.

Both spouses must be willing to communicate and share all information freely, not seeking to hide any information whether financial or otherwise. Both parties sign away all rights to confidentiality so that the lawyers may freely discuss the settlement without restraint. Both parties must be willing to put aside differences to come to a just and fair agreement.

The fact is, a judge can only make so many choices when it comes to divorce. Typically a judge only has time to see a minuscule amount of information about your case, you and your ex know your case better than anyone, and if you’re both in agreement this can save you literally thousands of dollars. Not to mention the fact that you will likely come out ahead in this scenario in more ways than just financial. If you have children it is very important to work together with your ex spouse and this can be the beginning of that path.

In the former divorce process held in a court that is only designed to designate fault, punish criminals, and cause more acrimony, the only person who is going to come out ahead is the attorney. Collaborative Divorce avoids these issues. A couple can be more creative in finding financial and custodial solutions that fit their situation, leaving the courts out of their personal lives and business while saving money and helping parents keep their children a center focus.

If you and your spouse are interested in collaborative divorce please look for a collaborative lawyers in your area. Even if you and your spouse have some disagreements the collaborative lawyer can shed light on what decisions a judge might make, and you can determine if it is even worth fighting about based on what your attorney describes.

Do not depend on non-collaborative lawyers or non-mediators to work towards closure of your case in a non litigious fashion because that is not their job so it is important to find an attorney who specializes in this type of divorce. You can easily do an Internet search on “Collaborative Divorce” to find more information.

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