Is Divorce a Right option

When people get married, they seldom go into it thinking they will one day stand before a judge seeking to dissolve the union. Unfortunately, that is exactly where millions of couples end up every day in the United States. It makes you wonder if divorce is the right answer or if it’s just an easy way out.
Divorce can be a very costly action. It is true that all of the United States have no-fault divorce statutes on the books. This can alleviate the sometimes very time consuming issues that can arise when one of the pair chooses to either contest the grounds for divorce. It doesn’t, however completely alleviate the issues that can be costly.

Simply examining the cost of child support or alimony payments that may be involved is enough to make your head swim. At least when you go for marriage counseling you can see the results of where your money is going. Going to a marriage counselor seems to be taboo with many people though. It can be associated with being crazy in the minds of some. This is enough to scare anyone away from it. The truth is, it is always better to make the attempt at fixing your marital issues before pursuing divorce on any grounds.

The family unit takes a huge hit with the laws that have been enacted since the 1970’s. It is far too easy to obtain a dissolution to a marriage than to find a resolution to it. Little incentive is given to those who might have otherwise worked out their problems.

There are instances where a marriage should definitely be dissolved without question. Such cases would be those that involve abuse or other such horrible crimes. No one should tolerate these types of actions at anytime. It is dangerous to stay in a relationship where physical abuse is involved and mental abuse it just as bad because it destroys the victim self-esteem and ability to function properly.

Cases that come before the court simply because a husband/wife decides they don’t feel like being married anymore is quite a different story. There should be some accountability for our actions. Consequences aren’t well known in the divorce world these days. “I don’t love him anymore” isn’t a valid reasoning for divorce. It may seem as though it makes sense, but listen to how that sounds. If you have fallen out of love with someone, why would you not try to find your way back to that love that you once knew rather than just dump out on it?

Our lives get so caught up in the day to day problems of real life that we often forget to take care of the people that are most important to us. This is one of the main reasons people sever their marital ties. Stepping back for five minutes and thinking about the real issues may get your to realize that things aren’t as bad as you think they are.

In cases of infidelity, imprisonment, abuse and neglecting to take care of your family, the offending person should be held accountable for their actions. If more people were held accountable for their wrong doings and it was made public record by decree of divorce, they may possibly be deterred from acting on the impulse to simply do whatever they feel like.

Before you go to a lawyer to discuss your marital grievances, you should think extremely hard about what is most important in your life. If children are involved there are other issues that can create far more harm during the divorce process. Is divorce the right answer for you? You are the only one that can answer that with honesty.

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