Being divorced with kids involved and remarrying a Marine is a tough spot to be in. I have been divorced for 6 years and life with the ex is just as bad if not worse now that he is remarried himself. My husband received orders from the military to do 3 years of recruiting duty on Jan 30Th so trying to be the civil parent I notified the ex of the changes up and coming with was still 6 months away. Several attempts were made to come up with a more than 4 hours away parenting plan. Then we do move in June/July and my children were suppose to come home from their summer visit with their father and he decides that he is not turning them over.
After driving back to CA from WI to track them down and find them and bringing them home starts a whole new set of problems. I had to deal with the court hearings to try to keep the family together here and I had to fight to be able to keep custody. The judged ended ordering me to move back to AZ stating that he knew that I had a lot on my plate with 1st of all I would have to sell the house we just bought, 2ND have to pay to move my stuff back 3rd I would have to move my husbands and my 2 children away from him while he was stationed here for 3 years. He also had stated that as a wife it is my job to follow my husbands career, and that if he ordered me to move back it would be tough for to raise the 4 kids on my own. But he gave me 60 days to be moved back to AZ from WI. If I failed to move back there will be a hearing to determine whether or not I will get to maintain custody of my children.

I ended up staying here in WI. I knew I was taking a gamble with my children but either way I felt was a lose lose situation. How do you decided what part of the family you tear apart do you move your current husbands kids away from him so that you can move closer to an ex husband so he can continue an every other weekend vi station and deal with two cost of livings mine in AZ and my husbands in WI and that would also mean all four of my children would then have to go into child care because I would then have to get a job out of the house to support my set of bills living separate from my husband causing. Who even knew if I could support the 4 kids alone. Or do I stay here with my husband and pray that the judge becomes rational and sees that he is tearing apart a family to make an already broken family live close. The ex is not even in the same state I lived in to begin with he lives in CA while i was living in AZ.

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Well me choosing to stay cost me my children the judge did turn the older girls over to my ex and now he has custody. What is sad is that they both told their father they love him but they do not want to live with him. They have never really lived with him. They are 7 and 10 years old and I have been divorced for 6 years. I just do not understand the court system. He didn’t even throw his fit about me moving until we were already moved and he had 6 months notice.

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